Product List

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Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain to Non-Precious
Porcelain to Semi-Precious
Porcelain to precious-40%
Porcelain to precious-52%
Porcelain to Gold - 87%
Maryland Bridge (one pontic two wings)
Additional Wing
PFM Metal try in
Metal Rest
Porcealin Butt Margin
Apply porcelain only
Pro-v (Temporary Crown)
Metal reduction coping
Resin reduction coping



Porcelain & Non-Precious Full Crown

Full Non-Precious Crown
Full Semi-Precious Crown
Full Gold Crown -- 75%
Full Gold Crown -- 60%
Full Gold Crown -- 46%
Gold Onlay/Inlay -- 75%
Gold Onlay/Inlay -- 60%
Gold Onlay/Inlay -- 46%
Metal Post & Core


IPS e.max press Crown/Inlay/onlay/veneer
IPS e.max wing
IPS Empress Esthetic Ingot (Inlay/Onlay)
IPS Empress Esthetic Ingot (Veneer)
Zirconia Coping Only


Adoro (Crown )
Adoro (Inlay/Onlay )
Adoro (wing)
Porcelain Finish ( Only Porcelain )

Implants, Attachment, Telescope

Attachment ( ERA )
Attached ( Parts Enclosed, technic fee )
Locator (parts enclosed, technic fee)
Implant Technique Fee
Artificial gum fee
Cast Implant abutment (UCLA abut)
Surgical Stent
key & key way
Implate bar w/NP


Denture Complete ( Per Arch )
Denture Teeth Wax Try In Only
Dentrue Finish ( Per Arch )
Immediate Partial Complete
Immediate Denture Complete
Immediate Partial/Denture Teeth Wax Try In
Immediate Partial/Denture Finish


Titanium Framework
5% Titanium - Framework
Vitallium 2000 Framework Only
Cr Co Framework Only
Cr Co Partial Complete
Titanium Partial Complete
5% Titanium Partial Complete
Vitallium Partial Complete
Cr Co Partial Frame & Teeth Wax Try In
Titanium Partial Frame & Teeth Wax Try In
5% Titanium Partial Frame & Teeth Wax Try In
Vitallium Partial Frame & Teeth Wax Try In
Finish Only
Cr Co Framework + Valplast Complete
Vitallium framwork + Valplast Complete

Monomer Free Thermoplastic Partial Dentures

Valplast Complete ( Per Arch )
Valplast Wax Try In ( Per Arch )
Add Teeth to Valplast partial
Valplast Finish Only ( Per Arch )
Valplast Clasp

Denture (additional charge)

Flipper (up to 4 teeth)
Custom/Individual Tray
Bite Rim + Base Plate
Night Guard ( Mouth Guard, Hard/Soft /hard+soft )
Bleaching Trays
Custom Tray
Solder Only
Wax Up
Add teeth Finish
Add wire Clasp
Add Cast Clasp
Add Ball Clasp
Add Thermoflex clasp
Add metal rest on Valplast Partial
Wrought wire
Re-Reline (Luci soft)
Finish only ( Add Packing to partial/denture)
Add Mesh
Add cast mesh palate
Add pre-form Mesh reinforcement
Luictone 199 Arylic
Ivostat Teeth
Ivoclar Teeth
Repair only to Partial/ Denture

  • Fixed Restoration
    Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal, (PFM), restorations remain the most widely used fixed prosthesis. They are a predominate choice due to their strength, durability, simplicity and versatility in restoring function while maintaining esthetics.
  • Implant Related
    Dental implants are stronger and more durable than their restorative counterparts (bridges and dentures). Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. Additionally, implants may be used in conjunction with other restorative procedures for maximum effectiveness.
  • Removable Restoration
    Our removable products include chrome cobalt partials, vitallium partials, titanium partials, valplast partials, and metal partials with valplast combination. Our partials and dentures incorporate the individual characteristics of each patient and are contoured in a manner that promotes self-cleansing and the appearance of natural tissue.